Benefits of Vagina Detox

Just like you detox every part of your body by taking in detox teas and fruits, your vagina also needs regular detox. Vagina detox seems to be the new trend now as wellness clinics and spas are now offering it as part of their services but the good thing is, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home.

Holistic healing businesses are also reviving ancient practices for restoring feminine sexual and womb energy. This is a shift in the right direction, as herbal products help with literally everything that will help regulate their menstrual cycle and boost fertility.

Vagina detox is useful in relieving the body of coldness and stagnation. It dilates blood vessels allowing for an increase in blood circulation.

Vagina detox is also used to refer to vagina steam or yoni detox pearls. Vagina steaming involves brewing herbs in a pot and sitting on the pot or container with a blanket over the thigh to trap the heat. Yoni detox pearls on the other hand are wrapped balls of natural herbs that are inserted into the vagina.

7 benefits of vagina detox

Engaging in vagina detox periodically has numerous benefits for your vagina, uterus, and your overall mental health. Steaming is often engaged once or twice every month or once in three months. It depends on the severity of your problems. The same also applies to yoni pearls.

The following are a couple of benefits associated with performing regular detox of your vagina.

  1. Helps flush out toxins and bad blood in the uterus: If you steam regularly or use the yoni pearl as instructed, it may cause old residues in the uterus to loosen up. This translates to brown blood clots in your next period.
  2. Emotional balance and relaxation: Aside from the physical benefits, vaginal steaming can prove to be relaxing as it causes you to feel good about yourself. You may also experience emotional release during or after the steaming session. Some persons even go on to have a deep sleep after the rejuvenating session.
  3. Increased cervical mucus and vaginal wetness: After the initial dryness that some experience after using the pearls, vagina detox helps increase the production of cervical fluids. It also promotes vagina tightening.
  4. Treatment of ingrown hairs: steaming opens up your pores and reduces ingrown hairs in the pubic region.
  5. Overall pain relief: Some women swear that after using the vagina detox pearl or doing a herbal steam bath, they no longer have painful periods and experience overall pain-free menstruation.
  6. Increased libido and sexual sensation: These occur as a result of an increase in blood circulation throughout the body as a result of the herbs used in the detoxification process.
  7. Helps against recurring infections: Detoxification of the vagina helps get rid of bacteria that may be responsible for infections in the vagina.

It’s often said that the vagina is self-cleaning and that’s true. However, the vagina needs regular maintenance and that’s where periodic vagina detoxification via vagina steaming and the use of Yoni pearls are important. Start your vagina detox journey here.

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