The Benefits of Spiritual and Physical Health

In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of how important it is to look after our bodies when it comes to menstrual health. Our period is not only a physical event, but one with spiritual significance too. It’s a time when we can take some time out and connect with ourselves on a deeper level, recognising the power of our feminine energy.

When it comes to looking after ourselves during this time, there are some steps we should all follow. Firstly, having a healthy diet is essential – opt for natural wholefoods that are high in fibre and vitamins rather than processed food which will just make you feel worse. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as healthy proteins such as fish and beans will help to keep your energy levels up.

It’s also important to stay hydrated – dehydration can worsen cramps, headaches and fatigue. Make sure you drink at least eight cups of water per day or herbal teas if you prefer them. If you experience heavy bleeding during your period, drinking even more (up to 12 cups) can be beneficial in helping reduce flow.

Exercise is another great way to help manage menstruation-related pain and discomfort as well as boost endorphins (happy hormones) which can help ease any negative emotions that come with your period. However moderate exercise such as walking or swimming are best rather than intensive exercise like running or lifting weights which may have the opposite effect due to increasing cortisol levels in the body – something best avoided during menstruation.

Getting enough restful sleep is also vital for physical and emotional wellbeing – aim for around 7-9 hours every night where possible throughout your cycle, especially before and during your period; this helps ensure adequate production of hormones associated with better mood regulation such as serotonin and oxytocin.

Finally, practising mindfulness can be extremely helpful; this involves being present in the moment without judgement or expectation; taking time out to check in with yourself by simply paying attention to how you’re feeling both physically and emotionally – acknowledging them without judgement can be very therapeutic during this special time of the month.

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