What You Should Expect After Using Yoni Pearls

Here's What you Should Expect After Using Yoni Pearls Yoni pearls are self-care health cleansers every lady should invest in for a balanced vagina PH and for getting rid of toxins in the uterus. After investing in a yoni pearl and performing a cleansing procedure with the yoni pearl vaginal herbal cleanse, you can be sure to experience improved quality of life and an increase in sexual energy.

What are yoni pearls?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that translates to the word, “vagina” meaning “a sacred place”. Yoni pearls are also referred to as vaginal detox pearls, cleansing pearls, herbal tampons, and vaginal pearls. They are basically vagina tea bags; bundles of cloth-wrapped herbs like motherwort, angelica root, saffron, rhizome, osthol, borneol, rhubarb, myrrh, and so on.

These herbs have several properties that help women struggling with reproduction or sexual problems. Motherwort for example is useful in allaying menstrual cramps as well as in stimulating blood flow to the uterine muscles.  So, using yoni pearls will cause a change in your overall vaginal health, especially with the tons of herbs it contains.

What changes will I notice after using yoni pearls?

Typically, the yoni pearls are supposed to last 2-3 days in your vagina so they can perform their task before you pull them out. One thing you’ll observe is that on removal,You should Expect After Using Yoni Pearls that they will seem bigger than their original size. That’s because the yoni balls have absorbed lots of toxins, bacteria, and secretions from the vagina providing ultimate relief to lots of gynecological problems.

You’ll also notice heavy vaginal discharge after the removal of the yoni pearls; this is a sign that they are working, so it’s advised you wear panty liners for the next few days.

Yoni pearls aid the fast healing of the vagina from uterine and vagina wounds from childbirth and miscarriages as well as promote vagina tissue metabolism.

You can Expect After Using Yoni Pearls That ovarian androgen will reduce to normal leading to regulation of blood and the balancing of the endocrine system.

How to Use the Yoni Pearls

The Yoni Pearl Busy Bee Goddess Detox Pearl package comes with instructions on how to use

  1. Practice good hygiene. Wash hands properly before handling the sealed package. Remove the pearl and unravel the string and tie the knot close to the pearl for easy removal.
  2. Lay on your back with your knees to your chest, use the applicator or your longest finger and insert the yoni pearl deep into the vagina (as far as you can go) with the string visible.
  3. Leave pearl in the vagina for 48-72hours (2-3 days). Remove after this period
  4. Next, insert the second treatment for the next 48 hours repeating the same process.
  5. Remove pearl.
  6. Wear a panty liner to allow the vaginal discharge toxins for the next 24-48 hours.

After removing the pearl, wash with warm water and you’ll also notice a white discharge indicating that the purging process has begun. Do not use your fingers to pull this out as it will come out on its own for 2-3 days. Just drink plenty of water as you may notice dryness immediately after removal.

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