-If your cycle begins while pearl is inserted, remove the pearl and proceed with detox.
-Do not have sexual intercourse during the detox process. You may have sex again after the 2nd day from the date your detox ended. Usually the 8th day.
-You can shower as normal but avoid the pool, beaching or laying in bathtub.
-During your detox, your purge process will begin and you’ll have noticeable white discharge. This is very normal. The discharge usually consist of vaginal skin cells, yeast, mucus, blood clots and more. Do not pull this out, it will come down naturally on its own. Drink plenty of water as dryness may be noticeable.
Remove the pearl and drink plenty of water. See doctor if feeling gets worse.
-If a yeast infection has developed. Then there may have been a pH disruption as a result of the process. We recommend using boric acid suppository and other natural yeast infection remedies. You will still experience a detox from the product as it will circulate in your body.
-Ideally you would want to wait 30 days. However, if you experience any aggressive itchiness, excess discharge or odor during the cleanse, then you can use it after 7 days, but only if it is at least 10 days before your next cycle.
-We don’t recommend it, but yes you can.
-Yes. Some women experience this more than others.